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European Roulette is a Player Favorite

European roulette is one of the popular styles of roulette that you can enjoy at online casinos.  Usually those who play this version of the roulette game prefer it to all the other variants that exist.  Online European roulette is played exactly as it is in a land based casino environment.  The only major difference is that on the World Wide Web it’s a digital experience.

The European roulette game is very similar to the other most common variant, American roulette.  What makes these two games different from one another, however, is the layout of the wheel.  In the European version there is only the single 0 space, while the American wheel features the 0 space and an additional 00.  This added space gives the house a higher edge over players.  This is one of the reasons European roulette is the preferred choice of many casino gamers.

Learning how to play European roulette is simple enough, especially since the game rules are often posted on the sites where you can play it.  Although, a good tip to keep in mind is that this version of roulette can be played for free online.  Playing free is a clever way to learn the game and become comfortable with it before placing your bets for real money.

Experience online European roulette and take your luck for a spin.

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