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ez bonus - Online Casino Bonus System

Tired of the i restrictions, but love bonuses? Here is the answer to your prayers: ez bonus. If you have not heard about it yet, read on and revamp your online casino bonus options.

What is the ez bonus System?

To make it simple, ez bonus is a plan that allows players to know precisely how much of their online casino and online gambling bonus money is on hand based on the degree of fulfillment of the wager requirement dictated by the terms and conditions of the bonus itself. What seems to be blowing the minds of so many in the online gaming industry is the fact that the wager limitations apply only to the bonus, as opposed to applying to the deposit as well. Another revolutionary aspect of the ez bonus program is the fact that all the casino games count towards the cash-ins. What this means to player is that they will not be forced to play a particular game they are not so skilled at, or do not enjoy as much, in order to comply with the online casino bonus requirements. Instead, players can spend as much time as they wish in the games they enjoy most and still fulfill the wager requirement.

How did it come about?

The ez bonus initiative was conceived by the Grand Priveė Casino Group and launched into cyberspace on May 2006. Tired of the monotonous online gaming scene, the Grand Priveė Casino Group (Casino Grand Bay, Bella Vegas Online, Lake Palace Casino, Road House REELS Casino, and Jupiter Club Casino) played true to its own saying ‘NOT “just another group of online casinos”’ by developing and launching this pioneering alternative. If you have been subject to any of the wager requirements associated with standard online casinos bonus policies, you would easily agree that most of the times those terms and conditions are just plain tortuous and take away much of the fun that is to be had while playing for real money. Well, the crew from Grand Priveė Casino Group decided to put an end to that and bring some change to the industry. Truth to be told, the ez bonus program concept may still experience some minor fine tuning, but it is a real oasis to the millions of online gambling enthusiast that do take pleasure in bonus offers. In addition, the ez bonus program is indeed setting new standards and trends in the remote gaming industry with some followers attempting to introduce similar online casino bonus programs.

What does it offer?

In a few simple words, ez bonus offers the chance to have more fun and less frustration when trying to fulfill and cash in an online casino bonus. How? Through very simple features:

  • Only the bonus is wagered, not the deposit
  • Does not restrict the bonus wagering requirements to specific games. Instead, every single game counts towards completion of wagering requirements
  • Instant Cash-in. No need to fulfilling all wagering requirements before being able to cash-in.
  • Real time cash-in
  • Real time possibility of seeing your cash and bonus balance
  • Real time option to see how much more wagering remains to be done for the remaining of the bonus.

Article Submitted by:
Harry Cohen, Editor.

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