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Federal Court Decides Against Venetian Casino

On May 9, 2007, a federal court decided that The Venetian Casino Resort violated U.S. Labor laws on March 1999 by trying to block more than 1,000 members of both the culinary and bartender unions from protesting on the sidewalk outside of the Venetian Casino.

The decision from the three-judge committee of the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals from Washington, D.C. commented that the Venetian Casino broke the National Labor Relations Act by utilizing the loudspeakers to inform the demonstrators that they are trespassing on the property.

U.S. Circuit Judge, Thomas Griffith, said that the casino does not own the sidewalk and they do not have any right to prevent the demonstrators from exercising their First Amendment rights.

The court also mentioned another violation by the gambling casino - the citizen's arrest of an officer of the union by one of the security officers at The Venetian which was still under development during the union's demonstration. The Venetian's appeal to the police officers in Las Vegas to block the demonstrators from the sidewalk. This action by the casino is also considered a violation and left to the National Labor Relations Board to decide upon.

Griffith's opinion was reaffirmed by judges, Merrick Garland and Raymond Randolph. The Venetian Casino, owned by Billionaire Sheldon Adelson will not be fined for the violations that they have committed, according to Union Lawyer Michael Anderson from Boston.

Ron Reese, the spokesman for The Venetian, and Patricia Gilbert, the spokeswoman for the NLRB, refused to comment on the decision for the time being.


20 May 2007
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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