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firepay eWallet Payment Option

firepay is a simple way to make an online casino deposit that works much like using a debit card. Quick and easy, it has long been a favorite online casino payment method for players and casinos alike.

firepay was one of the earliest electronic wallet facilities available at online casinos, and is an accepted method of payment at just about every online casino today. firepay acts like an online debit card enabling you to make deposits at casinos where you want to gamble and then to make an online casino withdrawal of your cash winnings on demand. Opening an account with firepay is free and at present the system is available only for bank account holders in the US, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Monetary transfers are done through banking accounts only, making the entire process much like a debit card transaction. Although you can withdraw your cash in different currencies you will pay a conversion commission for such transactions.

Once you have set up your firepay account you can use it to fill in an online casino payment form. This enables you to register anytime you want at casinos including those that require a deposit before you can play.

There is no fee for making a deposit to an online casino site and no fee for making a firepay online casino withdrawal. There is a small surcharge on depositing money into the firepay account only. The company places no restrictions on withdrawing your funds and there are no charges for withdrawals. Funds are deposited directly back into your bank account. Players should bear in mind that firepay requires a valid Social Security Number to set up an account. All funds are transferred as a direct electronic bank transfer. Before you can transfer funds to your firepay account you must validate your bank account. This is achieved with a retrieved deposit made by firepay into your account. Take note that you must make a firepay transaction every 150 days or you will be charged $50 every quarter. If your balance reaches zero your account will be deemed inactive.

Transferring cash from your bank account into firepay usually takes 2-3 days however the company now offers an ExpressFund option that enables instantaneous transfers. The service however does have some limitations. Each deposit carries a charge of $2 for each transaction and is limited to deposits of $500 per week. Using this method you can immediately transfers from your bank account to your firepay account and then gamble online instantly. The ExpressFund service also requires validation of a legitimate banking account before using for the first time. The company offers detailed online reporting and there is round the clock tech support.

firepay is a safe and simple online depositing system. All users accounts are protected with double firewalls, IP address filtering, and high-bit encryption. Also, firepay never releases your private bank details to the casinos that you are playing at. Your personal details remain at firepay at all times adding another level of reassurance for gamblers. The The firepay online casino deposit system is good for gamblers who are looking for a simple well-established system that is widely accepted at online casinos.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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