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All over the world, gambling has become a mainstream pastime, in that many people do all the time, be it at home in the online casinos, in the mega-casinos in Las Vegas, or in the new development in gambling, the gambling cruises. These are the new craze in gambling, and they are the best way to combine a vacation with gambling.

There are several different kinds of cruises, and they are all suited to different tastes and needs. There are the long cruises that are less gambling cruises and more vacations, but they have a casino nonetheless. These cater to people for whom gambling is only a way to pass the time and want only fun from it.

On the other hand, there are the cruises that are made specifically for gambling. These are usually much shorter than vacation cruises, sometimes only overnight, but they give people in countries that do not have casinos a chance to leave the territorial waters of that country and gamble legally without fear of the ramifications.

However, you choose, it is heartily recommended that you try a gambling cruise, since they are a great way to combine the love of the sea with great gambling and all your favorite casino games.

Written by Mick Luzula at the 21st of june 2005
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