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Gambling in the Bible

Gambling in the bible is a subject that is often breached and the argument whether gambling is indeed forbidden will never be answered. While there is a strict prohibition in the bible about gambling, it remains to be seen what kind of gambling was mentioned in the bible, and why our biblical fathers saw fit to talk about this especial subject.

Gambling as the biblical father saw it was a form of idol worship, since many peoples of that time had games of chance and gambled as part of religious festivals. However, it seems that they were not very strict about the subject, since they did not really elaborate on the subject, and gambling in the bible is a subject that is some what skirted. It can be guessed that since people gambled all the time, since the dawn of time, then the writers of the bible did not see fit to pass too hard a verdict on the subject of gambling.

However, it seems that in the New Testament, they are even stricter. There, there are further instructions and prohibitions. However, as many people do gamble, it remains to be seen in the instructions about gambling in the bible will hold out against the surge of people gambling.

Written By Mathew Stern August 10th, 2005. Editor.
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