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Online Gambling Game Odds

online gambling casinos offer different games to choose from, and sometimes these decisions could get hard for players to make. There are a lot of factors to think of including which type of strategy do you prefer - a skill game or a game of chance. Perhaps the most important decision to make concerns the casino odds of winning and losing in the specific gambling game you choose. The gambling odds are a variable that was determined early in the history of casino games.

What Are Game Odds?

If you are tossing a coin for example, there are two possible results, heads or tails. The probability of reaching each score is 50%. If you gamble in a casino $10 that the coin will drop on tails, the odds for and against your winning the bet is neutral. You can win 10$ or lose 10$. In online gambling casinos however, the house has sometimes an edge, so you can lose the same 10$, but win only 9$. In this case the casinos has an edge of 1$. This is what we mean by gambling odds of winning. Calculating casino gambling odds is important for all the games available at Gambling 365 and after you understand the basics of casino odds go and implement it in the games.

Different online gambling games

Some games have better gambling odds than other games. It is important to remember that when you chose a casino game you should not only think of the gambling odds but of other variants. Awareness of casino odds are just one way to improve your game and enjoy the benefits of gambling.

Following is a list of casino odds and the different house edge for each game:

  • Baccarat - House edge of 1.17 percent
  • Blackjack - House edge of 0.6 percent or lower
  • Craps - House edge of 1.41 percent
  • Roulette - House edge of 5.26 percent
  • Slots - House edge of aprox. 5 percent

Gambling Odds of Chance and Card Games

In the gambling industry the chance games usually have the highest house edges. In skill games such as poker, the house edge is usually 5 percent, and it is much lower for advanced and skilled players. Players who have learned the skills needed to master online casino games, can actually lower casino odds to less than 1 percent. This means that if you enter an online casino with a bet of 100$, casino odds are you'll walk out with 99$, when of course there is a chance of winning big bucks.

Casino gambling odds don’t mean you cannot lose more than 1 percent. It means that over a period of time it is likely that this will be you wins and losses. If you consider that you can leave the online casino after you win, it makes for a good bargain.

Tanya Stoilkova - Gambling Advisor

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