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Glacier Peaks Casino Dismisses Manager Gary Green

Gary Green, the manager of the Blackfeet Tribe's new Glacier Peaks Casino has been relieved from his position by the management.

According to board member, Virgil Edwards, board members for Siyeh Corp., the economic development division of Blackfeet Tribe, voted unanimously to let Green go.

"Gary Green did what he could for us to date and he brought us to where we're at now," said Edwards. "The board felt we needed to go in a different direction."

Edwards added that a new manager is expected to come in within the next quarter. He also said that Siyeh is currently in talks with a gambling casino consulting firm, and its help might be sought out for moving Glacier Peaks forward.

Edwards stated that the consulting team would, "come in and retool us and refocus us and re-energize the staff and move toward an operation that's more conducive to our local needs."

Edwards also let on that the board is currently on the lookout for a new manager who will bring focus to the company's internal operations. He assured that despite the termination of Green, no layoffs will be taking place in the roughly 80-strong casino. However, he did mention that their customers might see some changes in the business.

"I think they'll see some floor changes, some machine movement on the floor that's going to (create) better flow of traffic, and a more customer service-oriented type of operation that major casinos use," he said.

Edwards cleared Green's termination from the company, saying that it is "not based on any monetary issue of theft or anything of that nature."


20 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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