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Former Governor Lincoln Almond to Lead Anti-Casino Group Save Our State

At a news conference on Wednesday, August 16, the new leader of the anti-casino group, Save Our State, will be announced. The new leader is former governor, Lincoln Almond. Almond will be the new head of the group that opposed to the Narragansett Indian Tribe and Harrah's Entertainment's effort to build a casino in West Warwick.

Almond's role at Save Our State will be to lead the anti-casino group. Almond strongly disapproves of casino gambling. Throughout his career as a U.S. attorney, he has witnessed how gambling addiction can destroy lives and ruin families.

Almond also asked how much tax revenue the proposed casino would create for Rhode Island. Harrah's officials predicted that the proposed casino could provide the state with as much as $144 million in gambling taxes after the casino's 3rd year in progress. The tax rate won't be specifically under agreement even if the casino would be allowed in the state under the amendment on November's ballot.

The efforts to encourage Rhode Island's residents to vote for their constitutional amendment has cost Harrah's and the tribe millions of dollars. According to Almond, this would be a terrible deal for the state. Meanwhile, the casino project developer claims that it would be a great deal for the state.


05 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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