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Harry Kakavas Sues Crown Casino for Enticing Him to Gamble

On September 27th, 2007, as if it is not bizarre enough that a person from Gold Coast city in Queensland state lost over $26 million in gaming activities in an Australian casino, the gambler is making the whole thing worse by filing a case against the casino for the cash he lost.

40 year-old property manager Harry Kakavas has spent majority of his life becoming a chronic gambler. After losing all of his money, he has decided to file a case against the casino. Kakavas states in his lawsuit that back in 1994, he petitioned the Crown Casino to forbid him from entering the casino because his gaming losses had gotten too big.

In 2004, the casino allegedly started luring Kakavas back when they found out that he was flying to Las Vegas to gamble. Crown Casino gave Kakavas 30 free flights to the casino as well as giving back Kakavas 20% of his losses. Kakavas eventually was enticed back and lost a total of $26 million in just 14 months.

Defense lawyer Jeff Sher said that Kakavas should be responsible for his own actions and not point the blame to others. Kakavas' attorney, Cliff Pannam said that the casino deliberately enticed Kakavas back to play despite knowing that Kakavas has a chronic gambling problem.

Crown casino is trying to convince Justice David Harper to dismiss the case.


02 October 2007
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Lauren Desmond

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