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HorseShoe Casinos $1 Million "Cubs Player" Promotion

The Horseshoe Casino facility made headline news over winter when the Cubs announced plans to place a sign to hide the Horseshoe Casino sign that hangs on an establishment outside of Wrigley Field. Now, the casino facility is again making headline with a brand new baseball-based promotion.

Horseshoe announced on April 15th, 2010 that one lucky individual may win $1 million. In order for the gaming facility to give away $1 million, A Chicago player must hit the sign that Horseshoe placed on their establishment at Waveland and Kenmore. The chances that the sign will be hit are minimal.

The only baseball player to hit a rooftop outside of Wrigley Field was Glenallen Hill. That hit was into the power alley and the historians of the Chicago Cubs believe that it will be hard to hit the billboard in its current position. In the meantime, the facility will continue to attract maximum exposure by having the sign installed outside of the Wrigley Field.

The Horseshoe Casino has used billboards in the past that has attract them a lot of business. Casino officials are hoping that the new promotion gives them the same result. If by some chance, a Chicago Cubs player does struck the billboard, the gamers would have to go to the facility to register for a drawing that will happen.

The winner of the promotion will receive the $1 million promised. The Cubs are not part of the promotion. Many sports organizations are now dealing with gaming facilities that want to advertise within the sports establishments.

Casino gaming has become much more common in recent years. NFL owners decided in 2009 to change the rules to permit teams to collaborate with local lotteries that utilized the team names and logos on scratch-off gaming tickets.


29 April 2010
News Submitted by:
Lauren Desmond

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