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Immoral Gambling

Sadly, one of the things most closely related in the minds of many to Las Vegas and gambling as a whole, is the phenomenon of crime and immoral gambling. There are so many people who fear that opening a gambling casino near their homes will draw to it all sorts of unsavory personages, who will draw with them crime, prostitution, immoral gambling, crime, money laundering and more. While there may be some truth to the fact that once Las Vegas was considered the capital of organized crime, this is no longer the case.

Since the 1970s, the Federal Government has been cracking down on the organizations, and has, in effect, cleaned up the face of gambling as we know it. There will always be those who choose to thwart the law and to deal dishonestly, but today they are few, and those few are speedily dealt with. Even on the new generation of gambling, in the online casinos, there is relatively little crime, and immoral gambling is a things that is not tolerated. There are several agencies who deal in clean, honest gambling, and these are the watchdogs of the industry. Even the casinos themselves try to stop immoral gambling, since they know that this will affect the entire industry, and that means losses for everyone. Written by Reginald Holmsons, Correspondent, 20.10.05

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