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Income Access Launches Cantor Casino Affiliate Gaming Program

On August 22nd, 2008, affiliate network Income Access announced the debut of the Cantor Casino affiliate program. With the use of this program, Cantor Casino affiliates can benefit from a wide array of CPA or profit share commission structure, absence of negative rollover, vigilant affiliate support and a variety of marketing tools that includes flash banners, text links, content and HTML mailers.

Publishers who choose to sell and support Cantor Casino through their brand new affiliate program in the network of Income Access can pick from either a fixed twenty-five percent profit share commission or a seventy-five pounds CPA. No negative carry-over means that any negative commissions committed will be remove at the start of the next month. British customers composed ninety percent of the customer base of Cantor.

This brand new affiliate program is expected to give a lot of benefits to affiliates who cater gamers based in Britain, While featuring all of the long-time casino favorites, the programs will also attract affiliates offering blackjack or roulette. Targeting players that are looking for new games, Cantor offers their own games like Statjack(TM), Xtra Odds(TM), Baccarat and Cantor Financial Odds.

Cantor is also planning on releasing new for autumn 2008. Cantor Casino is a well-known brand that caters to experienced casino players that has an interest in one-of-a kind games and interesting rewards. Players can enjoy a unique fifteen percent cashback offer, a fifty pounds match bonus for brand new player and good payout odds, especially on all blackjack games.


02 September 2008
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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