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Instadebit Payment Option

Instadebit is an online payment system that allows one to transact financially on the internet while utilizing the funds from your own bank account.


This enables you to shop or gamble online and makes payments to merchant sites directly. Instadebit is a very secure means of making online payments and provides convenient and quick transactions within a matter of minutes. Instadebit is a system that is connected to various banking networks and keeps all your personal details safe and will not request your credit card number. Instadebit provides people with the opportunity to enjoy safe and easy online transactions without the hassle of creating a second bank account.

How Instadebit really works

Instadebit functions in a very efficient and direct manner making payments to online merchants with the funds in your bank account. This service is free for customers but the online merchants do have to pay a small transaction fee to register with Instadebit.

All online transactions with Instadebit are shown as checks on your bank statement. To access Instadebit all one has to do is sign up by simply filling up the registration form with your banking details which will be kept confidential, after which you will immediately be able to transact online using Instadebit with the provided user name and password.

Using Instadebit is as simple as writing a check or utilizing your debit card to transact. Instadebit is as safe as your bank account and is licensed by the TRUSTe Privacy Program.

You are allowed to register one or more bank accounts with this service and may review all your financial transactions made with Instadebit whenever you choose by simply logging in to the Instadebit official website. Purchases made with Instadebit by selecting Instadebit as a payment option on the merchant site that you are transacting with.


Instadebit is an excellent payment option available to online buyers as it is completely free and has no hidden transaction fees for its customers. Instadebit makes it possible for you to monitor your spending as you pay directly through your bank account. Merchants can register with Instadebit and increase their sales percentages and only have to pay a small transaction fee. Instadebit is one of the trusted online payment options and is used by online merchants worldwide.

Instadebit also offers its customers an incredible range of special bonuses as a result of the online websites it has tied up with. For instance, making an initial deposit at the First Web Gambling Casino will earn you an extra $25 into your gaming account.

Currencies accepted

Instadebit deals in the currencies of both the Canadian Dollar and the US dollar. However since the Instadebit is only available to Canadian citizens the service manages currency conversion from USD to Canadian dollars only and not vice versa.

US Users

Instadebit operates in Canada, Europe and the United States. However, since it is affiliated to Canadian banking networks alone it is therefore not accessible to US customers. However Canadian citizens with Canadian bank accounts who also happen to be residing in the US are able to transact with Instadebit.


Instadebit permits its users to make payments to online merchants directly from their checking account. It is safe and secure and enables customers to control their online transactions with ease. Also it is completely free to sign up and all details are kept confidential. Transactions happen in real time and many merchants all over the globe are tied into this system.

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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