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Is Gambling a sin?

Gambling is mentioned in the Holy Texts more than once, and never in a good light. While there are many people for whom gambling is a way of life, and practice gambling regularly, there are many others who feel that gambling is a sin and is not to be tolerated within Church circles.

As a matter of fact, gambling is not a sin, for it is not mentioned in the Bible. What is mentioned is games of divination, which are contrary to the belief that the Lord is the one that holds all the answers and he is not to be second guessed. However, what puts many people off is the fact that gambling goes along with many things that are forbidden in the Bible. For example, it would be difficult for a devout Christian to find himself at ease in Las Vegas, where bare-chested women are the norm. However, it is important to remember that gambling itself is not a sin, bit only all the sinful acts that unbelievers may do in the course of their gambling. So, a good rule of thumb when gambling is to take your Bible along, do not drink or fornicate, and give some of the money that you win to charity.

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