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Kansas Officials Looks for New Casino Developer for Sumner County Casino

The casino expansion projects in Kansas that were approved a few years ago turned out into a soap opera from gambling officials in Kansas. Kansas regulators decided on April 19th, 2010 that they will go back to the starting line after the latest casino developer back out of an agreement.

The developers for the Chisholm Creek Casino Resort project in Sumner County decided to back out of the casino deal after being denied an extension by Kansas officials. The organization was trying to wait out the process of legislators possibly scaling down the minimum investment for potential developers.

After the group announced their decision, several groups have announced their interest in bringing the casino facility in Sumner County. Many of these gaming developers had previously bid on the facility in past years. That leaves Kansas with another decision and that has a proven to be a risky endeavor.

The first time that the state picked developers for four state-operated casinos, three of the four developers pulled out of their agreements. The economic crisis and the troubled credit market had a lot to do with those unfulfilled agreements. The only casino facility that is currently operating out of the four casino zones is the Dodge City casino.

State officials are hoping that an improved economy will finally help them choose the right developer for the casino facility in Sumner County. The locations that are being considered for the new gaming facility are the turnpike exits at Wellington and Mulvane.

Other locations that are also being considered, but the two exits appear to be the location that has been identified as the most likely area for a casino facility to succeed.


04 May 2010
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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