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Four Kansas Residents File Case Against Casino Plans

On March 20th, 2008, about four residents in Kansas have filed a lawsuit to stop the construction of a casino facility in the Kansas Speedway, saying that it would receive improper benefits from the public development that is currently happening in the area.

Their case in the state district court contradicts the casino proposals from a company and two gaming partnerships bidding for a contract from the state to construct and manage a casino facility in the area. Three other casino plans would not be affected by the case. The residents of the Wyandotte County charged that if the state approves the plan for a casino in the speedway, they would be obligated to pay taxes to support the casino.

The speedway and the ongoing retail development happening in the area were financed by the bonds given by the state but are being paid with the tax profits produced by the development. A state law enacted last year has given permission for each casino in Wyandotte County and three other areas in the county said that they could not be given public funding. Whether a casino facility placed in the speedway does not follow the law was questioned previously by the Americans for Prosperity, an anti-tax organization.

The four people who filed the case were Mary Ann Flunder, Thomas Gordon, Domingo Soto and Calvin Vick. The defendants in the case were the Kansas Lottery, the Lottery Commission, the Gaming Facility Review Board and the Racing and Gaming Commission.

All of the six casino proposals for the Wyandotte County have been supported by the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City; Kansas Spokesperson Mike Taylor commented that Cobb's organization is reviewing the law against public financing of casino plans. The spokesperson for the Racing and Gaming Commission, Mike Deines commented that they are currently reviewing the charges. He declined to comment on the issue.


04 April 2008
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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