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Keno 20-Spot Ticket

Since spots are the number of selections a player makes on a ticket, on a 20-Spot ticket, you choose 20 numbers.

The many kinds of payoffs make this h ticket unique. You can even receive a payoff for matching no numbers.

Actually, you win with a 20-Spot ticket, unless you catch 4, 5 or 6 numbers. This occurs approximately 63% of the time. If you catch 2 or 7 numbers, you get free gambling play, a win that enables you to repeat the bet without having to add money.

In addition, certain casinos offer progressive jackpots for keno 20-Spot tickets. When none of the players match at least 16 or 17 numbers, the jackpot for this Keno ticket continues to grow.

Nonetheless, the odds of having a successful game with a Keno 20-Spot ticket are not always as promising as they seem.

Article Submitted by:
Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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