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Keno Combination Ticket (aka Combo Ticket)

The ticket that provides you with the most ways to win on only 1 ticket is the h Combination ticket.

The other great advantage of this keno ticket is that it costs much less than making different combinations on separate tickets. Nonetheless, it can still be rather costly when playing numerous gambling games.

However, due to their complexity, not many players use the Keno Combination ticket.

Similar to the Split ticket, the Keno Combination ticket enables the combination of several Straight bets, or Straight bets and Way bets, on just 1 ticket. That's what makes this Keno ticket a preferred ticket among Keno players.

Nevertheless, the Keno Combination ticket is more complex than any other Keno ticket, like the Way ticket or the Split ticket.

Although the Combo ticket offers many combinations, it is not necessary to make every one, however you can not win the combinations that you do not make.

In addition, it is important that you be informed that the Keno house advantage of 20% or more does not shrink or change due to the fact that Combination tickets are being used instead of straight tickets. But rather, the only difference is that with a Keno Combination ticket you can play all the combinations in a single ticket.

Article Submitted by:
Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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