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Keno King Ticket

A King ticket is a ticket where 1 number is encircled alone, and that number is called the King.

The objective of using this keno ticket is not to play a lone number, but rather to allow for combinations.

The advantage of the Keno King ticket is its ability to be utilized with additional numbers to compose a Way ticket, a Straight ticket or a Combination ticket. Hence, although it is not very well known, the King ticket is a very flexible Keno ticket to have when playing this gambling game.

There is also what is referred to as an All-King ticket. This is an especially complex and costly Keno King ticket, which requires the use of 2 Kings simultaneously. However, if the numbers you choose match the winning numbers, this Keno ticket can have an amazingly profitable payoff.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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