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Keno Rules

With its lottery style, i rules are simple. In the game of chance known as keno, you may draw anywhere in the range of 1- 20 numbers out of 80 and mark those numbers on your ticket.

You can either pick the numbers yourself or decide on the Quick Pick, which allows the computer to choose the numbers for you.

Once the ticket is complete, you can take it to the Keno counter with your money and the Keno host will take the bet, insert the numbers you chose into the computer, and provide you with a receipt. Don't forget that according to Keno rules, the only evidence of placing a bet is your receipt, not your ticket.

The lottery computer produces arbitrary sets of 20 numbers out of 80 for every Keno game. Afterwards, corresponding to Keno rules, the main computer hones in on a certain one of those sets and shows the winning set on the Keno monitor.

Each number that wins is called a Hit. The deciding elements of the win consist of the number of Hits, as well as the amount of numbers you choose in each game.

Of course, the more winning numbers you manage to match up, the greater your prizes.

But keep in mind that the house advantage in Keno is much larger than any other game. Depending on the bet you place, the house advantage can be as high as 66%, while in other casino games it is 1-5%. Just remember the most reassuring of Keno rules - even if you lose a round, you need only wait 5 minutes for the next one.

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