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Keno Split Ticket

By drawing either a line or a circle to set the numbers apart and split the ticket, a y Split ticket enables the player to play several games with the same ticket. Hence, a keno Split ticket actually offers 2 Straight tickets in only 1 card.

The only way to play with a Keno Split ticket is to use the numbers in a single section jointly.

The main negative aspect of this Keno ticket is that you can not use a certain number for both groups. The main positive aspect of the Keno Split ticket is practicality since it enables you to play at least 2 gambling games with only 1 ticket.

In addition, you may split your Keno ticket for as many games as your heart desires, just make sure that you have enough numbers that were used only once.

Keep in mind that the number of Keno Split tickets you use affects your payoff possibilities.

Also, note that when using a Split ticket, it is crucial to ensure that the Keno writer is aware that you have handed him this type of Keno ticket.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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