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Keno Ticket Types

Although Keno is basically a game of chance, knowledge of the various Keno ticket types can help give your winning chances a boost.

Each gambling game has its own particular aspect that can be a bit alarming for a novice - whether it's h betting, Poker hands, b table layout, or in our case, Keno tickets. There are many different Keno ticket types, which enable players to play in a variety of ways. This variety is what makes Keno so popular.

The most conventionally used Keno tickets are as follows:

Additional Keno Ticket Types

Aside from the types of Keno tickets that are usually used, such as Straight, Split, Way, etc. a player can choose from an array of additional Keno tickets.

Additional Keno ticket types are as follows:

In any case, you should study your tickets carefully, since some of them can be complex. Also, feel free to ask a keno writer (or the online equivalent of one, when playing n) for assistance if you are not quite sure how to mark your Keno ticket, or whether or not you have received a payoff.

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Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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