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Keno Way Ticket

Similar to the Straight ticket, the i Way ticket is easy to write and figure out. The main difference is that the keno Way ticket costs less.

In addition, this Keno ticket allows for more possibilities by enabling you to choose several number sets without your having to buy several tickets.

Thus, with a Keno Way ticket, you can play with several tickets simultaneously, which makes the Way ticket's practicality its best gambling advantage.

Nevertheless, this Keno ticket can prove rather confusing and complicated for Keno novices.

Moreover, Keno Way tickets consist of several bets. You can win any of the bets or even win them all in only 1 game, meaning that these Keno tickets have big payoff potential, which is a major advantage of using them.

Remember that in order for a Keno Way ticket to be admissible, you must pick 3 or more number groups, where every group should have an identical quantity of numbers.

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Josh Gabbins, Gambling Editor.

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