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Las Vegas Casinos Won $859.4 million for April 2009

On June 5th, 2009, Nevada casino facilities won a total of $859.4 million from players in April, down by 14.1% compared with their April 2008 results, according to a state gaming report. The Gambling Control report that the casino win, down from $1 billion in 2008, marked the 16th month in a row that the gaming facilities posted declines.

The April win was the amount left in the coffers of casinos after players wagered $11.9 billion during the month, including the $9.7 billion in slot machine wagers and the balance on casino table games. GCB analyst Frank Streshley said that this continues to show that people have less money to spend. He added that they are slowly seeing fewer cancellations in casinos and weekends are getting better but the midweek market is still a problem. Streshley said that the amount cash wagered was about the same as in April 2008 but the casino facilities were not lucky in what they held this April.

For the fiscal year to date, casino winnings are just over $9 billion, down by 14.2%. The GCB report also states that Nevada collected just under $52 million in taxes based on the casino win in April. That amount was down by 5.9% from the same period a year ago. The win was down during April in most markets in Nevada, including the Las Vegas strip which was down by 15.8%. Elsewhere in the southern area of Nevada, Laughlin was off by 17.8%, downtown Las Vegas dropped by 14% and Mesquite was down by 16.3%, North Las Vegas was up by 5.4% and the Boulder Strip was up by 2.3%. In northern Nevada, clubs in Washoe County, which takes in Reno, Nevada, were down by 16%.

It was the 22nd consecutive month of drops for the area. Casino-resorts on Lake Tahoe's southern area reported a 35.4% dropped in April compared with the same month a year ago. A statewide game breakdown shows that slot machines were off by 11.2% while casino table games were down by 20.5% compared with April 2008. Slot machines accounted for $596.2 million of the total casino win.


25 June 2009
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Jack Silverman

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