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Laster Debit Payment Option

The laser debit Card is an Irish debit card system and it is an electronic way of paying for shopping, services and Online Gambling. The card was launched in 1996 and is basically an electronic version of a check. In Ireland this card is a success as it has over 1.2 million customers and makes more then 6.6 million transactions each month.

Not many online casino or poker rooms are accepting this card. A few more bookmakers will take it. The giant European Ladbrokes will accept the card for bookmaking but they won’t do so in their poker room or Microgaming Casino.

Benefits of Payment Method

Laser Card Services Limited are owned and managed by the seven leading financial institutions in Ireland and the Laser Card can be considered a safe card. With this card you will have access to your bank account day around. Since 2005, AIB (Allied Irish Banks) and Bank of Ireland account holders are receiving co-branded Laser/Maestro cards. Ulster Bank and its sister company has been doing so since 2006. If the card comes with the Cirrus, Maestro or Plus logo it can also be used with ease for withdrawals in ATM machines and for shopping worldwide. With a combined logo you can rely on the safety of Chip and PIN technology and the Laser card by itself is also on the way to fully adopt this method. The truth of the gaming-matter is that this is an Irish card and therefore it is only really of benefit for the Irish customer interested in the few casinos available to this payment method.


Online casinos licensed in the UK, Gibraltar and the Netherlands accept the Laser Card. If the Laser Card has a Maestro logo as well, it can be used pretty freely online and for any currency desired. If the card is strictly a Laser Card, the list of online casinos that accepts it diminishes, and the choice will have to be that of a casino aimed at the European market. Anyone with this card should check with their local bank for the current fees when buying with the card in a foreign currency.


For the Irish consumer and online gambler this card has the advantage of being home based. As a debit card for regular use in Ireland it is very popular and well functioning. There are certainly a few nice options of o to choose from that will accept this card.

Still, it is to be preferred that the card comes with the Maestro logo as this opens up the doors for a greater variety. This is the case for anyone interested in shopping and activities outside of Ireland whether it be online or while traveling. For the Laser Card owner interested specifically in online gambling, it might be worthwhile to look into other options of payment for a greater variety of gaming websites.

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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