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Online Casino Licensing and Regulations

Online casino licensing and regulation is a dynamic factor in the online casino industry. It is very important for online gamers to be aware of the various online casino licenses and regulation boards which govern the industry.

How does it work?

For a remote gambling operation to enjoy of a legal status, it must count with a valid dated online casino license issued within the pertinent jurisdiction in which it conducts base operations and houses its player servers. In virtually all cases, the payment of an annual fee is involved in the granting of the license, as well as the payment of taxes to the jurisdiction issuing the license and a mandatory compliance to a set of determined rules and regulations set up by the jurisdiction. All over the world, there exist 76 jurisdictions offering some kind or another online gaming license with varying levels of regulations and control methods. Among those 76 jurisdictions disseminated throughout the world the following are the most relevant to the operations carried on by Western casino brands: Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, The Isle of Man, Costa Rica, Philippines, Malta, Vanuatu (Asia), Kahnawake (Canada), Alderney, Australia and Israel. From this group, the Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Alderney, Malta, and Australia jurisdictions are the trustworthiest ones since they are true activists for regulated, fair and secure remote gaming activities and their strong experience and sound organization permits them to act assertively whenever needed.

As we mentioned before, each one of the jurisdictions enforces a unique set of regulations upon the remote gambling operations based in their grounds; trying to cover in detail every one of them and their regulations will be a task of tremendous proportions and not of great importance to the every day casino online player. Nonetheless, all the information related to each one of the 76 online gambling jurisdictions is readily available on the Net to everyone who wishes to have a closer look at them and learn about the parameters that rule the legality of the online gambling industry.

Where to find the information

A subject a lot more important than knowing to the tee the specifics of a particular remote gambling jurisdiction’s regulation is to know how to tell if the casino sites you wish to play in, come with the proper licensing and comply to certain regulating parameters. As most of the important information, the home page of the gaming site will provide you with, or at least serve as the gate way to, the necessary information regarding the licenses and regulations under which they operate.

Look for iconographic information on the subject at the bottom of the home page, or examine the main menu bar for the “About us” tab (sometimes included in a different tab). Generally speaking, all legal casino brands are proud to portray on a visible spot of their main page the seals of those regulating bodies they are part of and under which their operations function. As a more in depth option, the “About us” page of every gaming site is dedicated to offer a more detailed rendition of the company’s profile including information on registration subjects, jurisdiction under which the gambling company’s base operates, and the different codes of conduct, and fair gaming programs they comply with.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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