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Online Casino Loyalty Bonuses

Along with sign up bonuses, the most looked after kind of bonus is the online casino loyalty bonus. This particular sort of bonus is synonymous with a significant participation in a given online casino whether by means of number of bets made or by the high value of the wagers bet at the gaming tables.

How does it work?

Loyalty gambling bonuses are complimentary. What this means is that the online casino brand willingly honors a particular number of its members without those players demanding any complimentary bonuses to be credited to their bankroll. Although online casinos loyalty bonuses are in a way a “present” provided by the casino brand to some of its players in appreciation of their gaming performance, these kinds of bonuses are also governed by certain terms and conditions that govern the way the bonus is cashed out and awarded. Nonetheless, most casinos refrain from publicly publishing those details and prefer to disclose them only to its beneficiaries when the promotional invitation is sent out to them.

Who is on the Loyalty bonus list?

Frequent players, high rollers and valued regulars are within the restricted field of action of online casino loyalty bonuses. The reason is clear: they all contribute on a regular basis to the patronage of the casino brand through their gambling. It is important to mention that although the amounts of money a person gambles at a particular online casino is obviously a consideration for receiving a loyalty bonus, the personal relationship a player builds with the casino they play at plays an equally important role. In other words, many online casinos out there do truly give value to regularity and loyalty. That is not to say that a single minimum daily bet will land you in an online casino loyalty bonus list. However, it is not unheard of that such bonuses have been indeed awarded to players with good relationships with the casino, or to those who have gambled a particular number of times within a determined period of time, regardless of the actual amounts of money wagered.

The VIP and Loyalty programs members represent yet another target for online casino loyalty bonuses. If you carefully study the main menus of most of the online casino brand’s web sites, you will observe that it dedicates a tab to VIPs and special programs. Players of those brands who adhere to the membership conditions of those special clubs/programs are regularly awarded with significant bonuses based on their noteworthy monetary bets. To give you an idea of what it means to contribute with a significant bet to the patronage of a given online casino brand, let us say that the lowest tiers of those programs are normally reserved for players whose wagers are close to $10,000 per month. With the ability to wager amounts of money like that it is easy to understand the little extra care catered to them by the online casino brands in the form of loyalty bonuses.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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