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Massachusetts Lawmakers Eagerly Anticipates House Speaker Robert DeLeos Gaming Expansion Proposal

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and other state legislators have been waiting for House Speaker Robert DeLeo's casino gaming proposal. On April 1st, 2010, DeLeo will unveil his gaming proposal but the lobbying had already started on March 31st, 2010 at the Statehouse.

Union employees turned out in huge numbers to encourage legislators to support the casino gaming legislation. If approved, the gaming bill is expected to bring thousands of new employment opportunities to the state of Massachusetts at a time when the unemployment rate is still increasing.

Anti-gambling organizations showed up later in the day and gave their views on why casino gaming expansion would be a bad thing for Massachusetts. The legislature will review the issue after House Speaker DeLeo's proposal. Support for the bill, which is expected to include two casinos and slot machines for Massachusetts horse racing tracks.

Governor Deval Patrick will be behind the plan and Senate President Therese Murray is expected to support the measure as well. Gov. Patrick had attempted to introduce the gaming proposal last year that would have permitted casinos in the state. However, his proposal was dismissed by legislators who were influenced by former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi.


02 May 2010
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Jack Silverman

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