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mastercard Payment Option

For safe and secure online o, try using your mastercard. There’s no need to open up an online payment service account when you can use your existing credit card.


As you enter the world of online gaming, you’ll quickly discover that the most important online casino deposit you can make is the first one. Making this transaction secure, convenient, and, above all, successful, can set the tone for all of your online gaming. mastercard can help accomplish this.

How it Works

Throughout the online gaming world, players are turning to their h as an online casino payment method. It is an easy method to use, but players do need to exercise some caution, as anyone should with any credit card transaction.

Most mastercard issuers will permit online casino deposits. It is up to the players to keep a careful record of any casino transactions they make on their credit cards, as online casino deposits are usually charged the same higher interest rates as cash advance withdrawals. There may also be a transaction fee, of 1.5% to 3% of the amount deposited.

When you choose, as a player, to use your mastercard to make an online casino transaction, the process is simple. As with any casino deposit, simply go to the banking section of your online casino, and choose the option you want. In this case, choose the “credit card” option. The casino software will walk you through the process of making your online casino deposit. It’s important to remember, however, that you must enter the complete card number, expiration date, and three digit security code in the order they asked for, and in the correct fields. It may be tempting to type this information into a word document first, but don’t try it; most t systems do not permit the “cut and paste” function in the banking section.

After the account information is entered, you just let the casino know how much you want to deposit, and they’ll take care of the rest. As long as your credit card has an available balance, your online casino deposit will go through, and you can start playing the games.

Currencies Accepted

Due to the international nature of the business, one common question players ask about online casino payment methods is, “Can I use any currency I want?” This is a good question, but it doesn’t always have a simple answer.

As far as the casinos are concerned, yes, you as a player can choose any currency you want. Some players find it advantageous, due to exchange rates, to play in British pounds, for example, even though their “home currency” is US dollars. Players should always be aware, though, that the currency of the casino account and credit account must match; a credit card in US dollars cannot make a deposit in British pounds.

That same US player can use his card to make deposits in US dollars, however. Most American credit card issues will permit online casino transactions. It’s recommended that US players check with their card issuer before attempting to make an online casino payment; the US laws regarding online gaming are currently in flux, and players should arm themselves with the most current information available.


In conclusion, players should be aware of the drawbacks of using a credit in an online casino: higher interest rates and fees than with other methods, and occasional legal and administrative restrictions on card use.

With all of that, it is fair to say that mastercard is a good method to use as an online casino payment method. It is fast, easy, and secure, and the player doesn’t need to open any new accounts.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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