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Having Multiple Accounts at an Online Casino

A key element for a successful online casino player, besides his/her playing skills and familiarity with the games, is the complete knowledge of the legal aspects pertaining the gaming activities he/she is about to engage in. Under this tab, online casino multiple accounts is one of the basic themes every online casino player must be aware of.

What is it?

The term “online casino multiple accounts from the same household” is awarded to computer IP addresses that are registered at the same online casino brand with more than one player’s account. For security reasons geared towards avoiding fraud, a universally agreed policy amongst online casino operators (and clearly exposed as part of every online casino’s Terms and Conditions) is to prohibit the existence of such multiple accounts. The penalty implemented to knowingly or unknowingly violators of such policy are strict and stark, resulting normally in termination of services from the part of the online casino provider and in some cases even in the placement of the player(s) name(s) on a blacklist that is circulated amongst the internet gambling industry. Although very frightening, this measures are taken only after the pertinent contact and investigation have been conducted by the online casino brands.

An important factor to be mentioned is that the IP address of the computer is relevant to the online casino operator’s database only at the moment a new player’s account is opened. That is to say, that if several players have opened their accounts as brand new players utilizing different computers with different IP addresses, there will not be a conflict of interest in having those players access their account from the same computer once the account is already existent under an individual IP. Therefore, those players will not be subject to online casino multiple accounts examination procedures.

How can it happen?

A variety of scenarios may lead to a number of player’s accounts sharing the same computer’s IP address. For instance, a household where roommates, or family members share the same computer terminal, or a cyber café where more than one customer has opened a new player’s account utilizing the same terminal. Aside from cases like the ones just mentioned, there is not really any other scenario in which the online casino security system could believe an IP address is the source of online casino multiple accounts.

The options

Aware of the fact that players may be sharing the same computer, online casino operators have implemented a practical way to deal with online casino multiple accounts. The solution is both simple and effective, and it consists of manually manipulating the casino managerial system to allow something like sub-accounts under a main player’s account that is already registered under a particular IP address. This option allows the different players to have individual profiles, ranks, and more importantly individual bankrolls. However, this solution is only pertinent to those online casino players that know for a fact they are sharing the same computer terminal, i.e. a household where the casino players are part of the same family nucleus and wish to have individual bankrolls. Nonetheless, those players that are unsuspectingly sharing the same IP address may be still puzzled at first as to why their player’s account has been suspended.

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