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mycitadel Payment Option

citadel Commerce is based in Canada. Its two shareholders are two Canadian banks. With citadel there are two ways to pay or deposit money. The first option is a direct transfer from your bank account to the casino or online activity you're making the deposit to. The second way is an easy stored value card, called mycitadel Wallet.

This last mentioned is used by gamblers in many countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Germany and its coverage is growing beyond these countries. citadel Commerce use secure servers with 128-bit SSL encryption. With the service myCitdel Wallet payment can be made without sharing personal and financial details. citadel is well accepted by merchants online and the variety of currencies offered keeps expanding.

Benefits of Payment Method

Available to citadel customers in the US and Canada is the service called citadel Electronic Check Service. This is a fast and cost efficient payment option that reportedly is faster then ACH. The service available to a larger audience is called mycitadel Wallet. This is an online wallet from which to make payments online to any website that supports this service. This can be used for transactions at gambling sites or for withdrawals and deposit into your bank account or debit card. The wallet service is available to customers in USA, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain and China. A citadel Wallet account can be opened for free on the mycitadel website. The support offered is multilingual. You can be helped in English, French, Spanish, German and Turkish.

citadel can be considered a safe payment method as all cards and accounts are securely tracked by the citadel Commerce Debit Card merchant back-end system. Through the robust Internet management system detailed card holder information is tracked which is good both for the merchant and the owner of the card.


citadel offers services in many currencies such as: the US and Canadian dollars, the British pound, Euro, the Swedish SEK and the Chinese RMB. New currencies are to be offered soon as this payment method is expanding. The majority of casinos accepting the citadel are licensed in Canada with a few European exceptions. The fees of transactions and actions differ depending on the country. The citadel website gives clear and easy information on these fees in their respective countries.


For o casino gambling this is a good way of payment. Many good online casinos accept this payment method and any relevant currency can be played with. For the player located in Europe, the USA, Canada or even China this is an alternative well worth looking into. A positive thing is the high level of security surrounding the usage of this card. The fact that it is offering a variety of currencies makes it attractive world wide. Many merchants already accept this card and its popularity seems to be growing. It is well worth to have a look at it for players located in as diverse places as the USA and China. Now that's an interesting debit card!

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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