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neteller Payment Option

Use neteller to deposit and withdraw from your favorite gambling sites without giving out your credit card or banking details. Transactions are fast, secure, and widely accepted at online casinos.

neteller is a well-established online casino payment method that enables you to transfer your cash from the real world to the Internet. You can open a free neteller account online and then use your account to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos within minutes. Since you only use your neteller details when filling in any online casino payment form you don’t have to provide your credit card or banking details for each transaction and these remain safe and secure. A neteller account acts as an e-wallet that enables you to move your funds over the Internet. You can instantly transfer funds to and from any online casino websites that accept neteller. The ease and convenience of the system means that many casinos are willing to let their patrons make a neteller online casino deposit. In fact, some casinos are actively encouraging using neteller by offering bonus incentives for customers who make deposits using the company.

Customers can set up accounts from countries across the globe (with the exception of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Afghanistan and some others). The company maintains offices in Canada, England, Hong Kong and Costa Rica and is based on Isle of Man. The company also operates a 24-hour a day multi-lingual customer service that can be contacted via e-mail, toll-free phone (in the US and Europe), or web chat. neteller UK Ltd maintains tight security standards and its business practices are regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. Top-of-the-range encryption is used to transmit transactions and all information is then stored in a secured data center. A full money trail is always available to track your transactions. Payment options for setting up neteller accounts include the following: Credit Card, Online Check (EFT), Bank Wire, and InstaCash. Internet banking is available in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey. The company also offers a neteller Card that can be used to withdraw funds from ATM cash machines.

The security and ease of its use has made neteller one of the fastest and most convenient ways to manage Online Gambling accounts. neteller provides a secure method of depositing and withdrawing your winnings from online casinos worldwide, with the exception of the US or if your bank account is US-based. Although in the past neteller announced that it would comply with the new US anti gambling legislation this has changed. neteller no longer takes US gambling transactions as of Jan 17, 2007 and has had US customer account funds suspended. neteller is now in negotiations with US authorities to make arrangements for US customers to make a neteller online casino withdrawal of their funds.

neteller remains one of the most popular ‘e’ in use and has much experience in Internet commerce as well as protecting its customers’ privacy.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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