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New Orleans Gambling

In the wake of the dreadful hurricane Katrina, obviously the people of New Orleans have other things nn their minds other than gambling. However, since a lot of businesses were lost when disaster struck, among them the many casinos in the city, we thought it best if we would dedicate a page to them and to their safe recovery from this dreadful disaster.

As has been said, in the course of Hurricane Katrina many casinos and oth3er gambling houses were demolished and fell to ruin. While at first sight this may not be a very serious thing, remember that all those place of gambling were businesses, run by people like you and I, who have jobs and families to feed. It can be surmised the in New Orleans, time will pass before any gambling will take place, but it is up to you, the citizen, who want to play the games that you know and love, to include these small businesses in the restoration of the great and beautiful city of New Orleans. Remember that whatever happens, life will continue after Hurricane Katrina, and gambling will rise again in New Orleans.

Regis DelPakio, Editor, 12.09.05

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