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Odds On Online Casino Software Provider

With so many options for online casino providers, it is sometimes welcomed to receive some help in deciding which one to chose. Our series of articles concentrating on each one of the major online software providers attempt to serve precisely as a guiding tool offering the necessary information to facilitate you a more educated decision on the subject. The following concise overview focuses on OddsOn, the celebrated online software provider.

History and Background

Owned by the English Harbour Entertainment Group, Odds On Gaming Inc. was founded in 1998 as an e-cash processing company to serve eCash firms to achieve their goals. Shortly after its foundation, Odds On Gaming Inc. began competing in the online gambling casinos software providers’ scene by developing its own gaming software first in Java format and later in C++. Placing strong emphasis in its technological developments and applied technologies, Odds On embedded software technology incorporates IMB/DB2 and multiple SQL databases to support and document all game, player and managerial activities at two independent levels: the players interface and the online casino operator back-end interface. In addition, Odds On software operates in a flexible modular system that permits the casino operators to access at any time, from anywhere all data created by the game and the database server in a real-time, no fuss manner. It is important to mention as well, that the Odds On back-end system is based on Crystal Reporting and provides its operational reports with drill down functions adding to the ease of manageability and accurate, transparent data processing, supply and analysis form the part of the casino operators. This applied technology implementation should translate in more fair and secure remote gaming environments for players all over the world.

Stating publicly its disagreement with t providers who also serve as casino operators, Odds On has always being a guiding torch throughout the years in the important road to fair and secure gaming. Legally licensed by the Antigua jurisdiction, Odds On gaming engine and RNG (Radom Number Generator) are audited monthly in order to insure fair payout percentages. Odds On software has also been inspected and audited for fairness and security by independent, third party organisms and individuals, amongst which Mr. Michael Shackleford ASA (a.k.a. The Wizard of Odds) is worth of mention.

Odds On Software

The Odds On casino software is commonly described as a beautifully designed casino program with excellent graphics and intuitive design. An ample variety of casino game classics (h, Baccarat, War, Fruit , El Dorado slots, European Spin h, etc) and many original releases (like its new Cleopatra game) are part of the Odds On casino suite. Although current Odds On Gaming Inc.’s casinos are Window based, the software works also in multiple platforms. Some of the Odds on features of its casino Flash and Download-based versions are:

  • Game history
  • Bonuses (refer-a-friend, fixed, draws)
  • Accounting history option
  • Varied depositing and withdrawal methods
  • Wide variety of casino games (table games, slots, card games)
  • Adjustable game speed
  • Reliable server with fully-redundant feature
  • Depending on the casino operator, no bet amount restriction applies

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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