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Offshore Gambling

There are many countries in the world where gambling is forbidden. It is illegal and there are no casinos in their territory. Without going into whether this is a good thing, or what these people do in such situations, it suffices to say that people in these places are like other people, and for them, gambling is a sport. For these people, grew the phenomenon of the cruise ships. These ships leave port at dusk and return the following morning, leaving the passengers with many hours of gambling and having fun. So goes offshore gambling.

However, there are disadvantages to offshore gambling. These ships leave the territorial waters of the objective country so that the gambling will be legal. However, this also means that many other laws do not apply either. These ships do not fall under the jurisdiction of any country, and are usually fly by night operations. For this reason, you may be swindled, cheated and treated badly. Be aware though, that there are honest establishments, but watch out for the offshore gambling outfits that are not.

Written By Hans Fjordsen 22.08.05
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