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playtech Online Casino Software Platform

To be informed about which of the o providers represent a winning hand is one of the best steps you can take into being in control of your own gaming environment. Among the best online casino software providers, playtech stands strong in a niche of its own.

History and Background

Founded in 1999 by a group of professionals from different avenues in life interested in the booming online gaming industry of the mid 90s, playtech online casino software provider has become the online casino software provider of choice for those looking for diversified gaming platforms. The greater contribution to the gaming industry and most looked after service credited to this high-tech global company relays on their cutting edge, top notch unified software platform it developed and provides for the gaming market. Having gone public on March 28, 2006, playtech is a gaming software developer company and gaming business wizard committed to bringing their clients innovative, high-quality products and immaculate service.

The principle behind playtech’s unified software platform is to offer a series of gaming activities than can be freely integrated, accessed and managed as stand-alone applications both by the casino operators and players alike. The beauty of this system is that each one of the gaming activities works independently from one another within a shared platform that shares the same management interface. What that means is that a player can play in the same casino brand over his/her cell phone, at a land venue, or/and on his/her personal computer through his/her unique player profile and history as long as the Mobile Gaming, Internet Gaming, land-based Kiosk networks and Fixed-Odd games are powered by playtech. In a few words, playtech’s unified software platform enables unlimited gaming opportunities (or the closest thing to it available today) to anyone, everywhere.

Another very attractive fact about playtech’s software and platform is that the company has always successfully adhered to the strictest security and fair playing regulations in the industry, by performing third parties rigorous standard testing on its products, developing and implementing security technologies in its program, and by demonstrating an impeccable ethical conduct. Some chronological facts on this subject are:

  • 2004 - playtech received from the BMM International (an accredited testing facility) the official Certificate of Evaluation.
  • 2005 - The company received the TST (a AGCC credited testing facility) official Certificate of RNG.
  • 2006 - playtech announced its membership in the RGA (Remote Gambling Associating) and receives the AGCC (Alderney Gaming Control Commission) Certificate of Prior Approval.

Playtech's Online Casino Software Features:

playtech casino software continues being one of the leading ones in the online casino plateau with its downloadable, browser-based and live versions utilized by many of the casino leading brands in the remote gaming industry of today. playtech casino in its downloadable version, counts with fast real-time management technology that includes, as part of its features, the possibility to adjust the play speed, sound, card size, player mode (single, multi-hand, multi-player, private group playing), multi-window casino play, and chat room. The player can also choose the theme of is preference from among over ninety theme games offered in the playtech casinos.

Other important features present in the playtech casinos are:

  • First class GUI (Graphic user interface)
  • What is been called by playtech “Players Loyalty Tools” (VIP rating, W, refer a friend)
  • 1-1 live online chat support
  • Transaction history
  • Auto-play playtech slots

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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