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Public Review for Renewal of Caesars Casino License

Next week a meeting is set, to ask the views and opinions of the community leaders and residents of Harrison County in Corydon regarding the impact of Caesars Casino.

The meeting will be conducted by the Indiana Gaming Commission. The analysis will be used to regulate and evaluate the casino gambling issues of Caesars' request to renew its license.

Before renewing the state-given license, the asking casinos undergo investigations. The renewal of licenses is at the first 5 years of business, then at a 3 year interval in the state.

Caesars' licenses were renewed in 2003 and expected to be renewed again upon its application in November, this year.

In the state's history, no license renewal has been denied since, but Indiana law requires reviewing the operator's financial viability.

Gary Davis, Harrison County Council President stated that the county is compiling all the spending information of each casino. Regulators also wanted to know if the riverboat casino is boosting the state's economic development.

Some of the invited groups to focus on the meeting next Tuesday, August 15th, are the Harrison County political leaders, agency directors and several non profit groups. The meeting will be conducted by Debbie Wilson of the Indianapolis-based consulting firm, Engaging Solutions.


13 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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