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Questionable Casino Tactics

In the highly competitive field of online gambling, there are many online casino operators that will do anything to attract players, including partaking in dubious activities. To help you know a trustworthy online casino from the questionable ones, we have prepared this article.

Where to get started

In order to know which online casinos are reputable, you will need to dedicate some time to research. The first thing to do is to know who powers their casino and in what jurisdiction they are based. If the software provider is not one of the most reputable ones (n, , , ChartWell or Wagerlogic) and there is no information about them on the Internet, you need to be quite careful and make sure you read and print/screen shot their Terms and Conditions and keep documentation of your activities. In addition, if they are not based in any of the 76 remote gaming jurisdictions in the world, do not go any farther for they are crooks!

Look out

Although the above-mentioned conditions do cover a lot of territory, you still need to be careful not to be the victim of a misleading promotion, negligent payouts, dubious bonus policies, unfair software, or unethical tactics. Until you are a 100% sure you are playing at a trustworthy online casino, keep your guard up and CHECK the casino’s profile, history and reputation as well as its policies, requirements, and software. If the casino is part of a family of online casinos, see how that could affect your performance and benefits in other venues of the same family. If a promotion sounds too good to be true, study its terms and conditions. Should you receive an e-mail promotion check its eligibility policies. If you need to bug the casino operators to cash your money out, be wary. Does the program lack RNG (Random Number Generator) Technology? Run away from that site. You have never heard of that remote gaming regulating association? Check them out. In short, beware of your rights, read the small print, CHECK things out, keep documentation, and make sure they are real people behind the casino’s interface working hard to bring you the best, safest and fairest gaming experience you deserve.

Know your rights

A pretty, user-friendly interface does not necessarily mean good will. Many online casinos have conducted successful scams through sites that look good enough to be reliable. What truly conveys trustworthy online casino practices is their level of commitment to the player’s rights. As a player, you are entitled to:

  • Have access to the terms and conditions of the particular online casino brand and of each and every one of the special promotions and activities, they advertise through their brand.
  • Be fully serviced under the stipulations exposed in their T&C (Terms and Conditions).
  • To claim and/or dispute any benefits derived from your activities at a particular online casino brand as stipulated in their T&C.
  • To receive a fair, secure and equal service from the casino brand (software features, managerial activities, and costumer services).
  • Have access to information pertaining the legal status of the casino.

Looking after you

To help players enjoy a safe and secure remote gaming environment, a number of regulating bodies have been formed with the important task of serving as vigilant presences to protect us all from casino operator’s unethical practices. Among them, the most important “watchdogs” in the industry are: eCOGRA, RGA, IGC, AGCC, TST and BMM. In addition, a wide number of portals and sites perform the task of informing the public of who are considered reputable online casinos and why.

Article Submitted by:
Harry Cohen, Editor.

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