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Residents of Chandler Phoenix Displeased with the Tribe's Casino Plans

On March 31, 2007, the residents of Chandler are organizing a counter move to the plans by the Gila River Indian Community's move to construct a casino south of Phoenix's suburban area.

Chandler Mayor Boyd Dunn commented that he was informed about the plans of the Gila River Tribe to construct a 120,000 sq ft casino worth $60 million south of the city neighborhood just last month. This was only a few weeks after the tribe informed him that they are planning to use the area for agricultural purposes.

Critic Patty Kozas said that she and most of her neighbors have been talking to city officers and voicing their opposition to the casino plans. Lorraine Walters commented that most of the residents are planning to make an opposition campaign using e-mail and plans for an online site against the casino plans.

Walters stated that they are hoping the tribe will work with them in this matter because many people are worried about the moral and social effects of the gambling casino. Fulton Brock, the Supervisor of Maricopa County, commented that the decision to build the casino in a residential area that is far from the freeway, is quite puzzling.

The closest freeway from the casino is on Hunt Highway, which is a 2 lane road. Brock commented that he has not been able to talk with Gila Gov. William Rhodes and the consultants in the project that are hired by the tribe. Dunn commented that he is also having difficulty in setting an appointment with the tribe.

Alia Maisonet, the spokeswoman for the tribe, said that the community casino expansion owner organization has already spoken with the members from Phoenix and Chandler and that appointment requests are reviewed one-by-one.


18 April 2007
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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