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Online Casino reverse withdrawal Feature

In the world of online casino, there are many terms to keep in mind. Online casino reverse withdrawal is one of those terms, and because of its nature, we recommend you read the following article and make sure you know what it means.

What is it?

To put it bluntly, online casino reverse withdrawal is a common practice in which online casinos withhold your payouts giving them a “pending” status for a couple of hours. During that time, you are still allowed to “reverse” the money back into your bankroll in order to gamble it at their tables. What this means is that once you cash out, you cannot actually take your winnings with you, but you can invest (gamble) them right back at the casino game tables. In case you wonder how players benefit from the online casino reverse withdrawal feature, the answer is simple: they do not. Unless of course they want to keep gambling, but then again, if that is the case, they would not have cashed out their winnings in the first place, or would they? Nonetheless, many of the players whose payout money is on pending status, do eventually end up reversing their cash outs right into their bankroll to keep on gambling.

To make a long story short, reverse withdrawal is simply an obvious tactic used by online casinos to secure more money stays at their tables. The success of a particular online casino reverse withdrawal feature will depend on the degree of temptation to reverse the cash out it will cause on the players, and on the number of hours that the actual reverse withdrawal is active. Nonetheless, a universal formula for reverse cash outs does not exist and every casino is free to impose their own rules about it.

The role of the software provider

As strange as it may sound, online casino reverse withdrawal features do not quite fall on the casino operators’ shoulders as far as conception goes. The creative mind behind this controversial feature is no other but the software providers. With the exception of s and s, all software providers include a version of reverse withdrawal in their software. It is the inherent presence of online casino reverse withdrawal in most of the gaming software what has given the basis to call it a “feature” rather than a practice. To make things even a bit more difficult, most of those gaming software do not offer the casino operator the opportunity to eliminate such a feature form the program, or at least to not put it into practice. The only option that has being given by some of the software providers is to reduce the pending status time frame to a minimum of zero hours.

The role of the casino operators

No matter how many casino operators actually consider the online casino withdrawal feature a positive element, more and more casinos are turning their backs on it in favor of less aggressive actions to entice their players to invest more money in their casinos. Although unable to turn off the feature, many online casinos will provide the option to “flush” the money out of this pending status and straight into their players’ hands after a personal request to do so has been sent by the players after the end of each session. Whether manually or automatically, be sure that those online casino operators who wish to ignore this feature by flushing the money out are able to do just so without complications, so check how it works at your casino and claim your rights.

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Harry Cohen, Editor.

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