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Roth Hill Casino Scheduled to Open by Early 2008

At the Natchez Rotary Club on January 31st, Lane Company, the Atlanta-based company announced that they are planning to build a gambling casino at the Roth Hill riverfront. They are hope to begin developments on the casino by this summer, and open the casino in early 2008.

During the speaking engagement, representatives from Lane Company cited its history as well as the background of its various projects in the company's 35 years in the business.

Lane Company's bid for casino development was approved by Natchez Aldermen last December. Lane will get the lease for the land at Roth Hill as soon as the site design and company license have been approved by the Mississippi Gaming Commission.

Ted Doody, Southeast Development Associate for Lane, expects that the Gaming Commission will have the company on its February agenda.

"We have wonderful gaming partners in Matt Walker and Fernando Cuquet," said Doody. "Between them they have about 30 years in gaming."

Part of Lane's plan is to develop a floating casino adjacent to the site's northern part, as well as a public park on the other side.

According to Doody, "This park won't be just open space, but one of the most attractive, sought-after parks in the Southeast".

The casino development is said to have a $48 million price tag.

"We understand where the market is and where it is going, and I think we understand what the impact of the economic development of Roth Hill will be on Natchez," Doody stated.


21 February 2007
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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