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Choosing safe online casinos

Knowing what to look for in an online casino site is at the top of the list if you want to protect yourself from scams and disaster, and guarantee a worry free, safe environment to play in. Safe and reputable online casinos are every player’s highest priority.

Authorization Seals

In order to guarantee ethical business practices in the online gaming plateau, a number of associations have been created by governmental and non-governmental parties to act as regulators and performers of random audits for gaming sites all over the world in subjects like: licenses, taxes, payouts percentage reviews, casino game logs audit reports, paying methods, etc. Once a particular online gaming site has complied with the pertinent legislations, laws and regulations of its particular jurisdiction, and has paid a particular fee or tax to the pertinent authorities, a visual sign is added to their site in the form of an icon to convey their compromise with and compliance to fair and secure gaming activities and procedures. Normally, by clicking on those icons, a new window will open with further, more in-depth information regarding that particular seal and the casino brand’s commitment to secure and fair gaming.

Some of the trustworthiest bodies of online gaming regulation are:

All of these entities offer in their sites a thorough description of their goals and activities, as well as helpful resources on how to choose reliable and safe online casinos; some of them, even include a list of reputable portals and approved gambling sites.

Safe Technology

Technologically speaking, safe gaming sites will sport icons to convey the utilization of safe data and secure transfer transactions through technology like MD5 and SSL. In addition, any gaming site that is secure will also state somewhere on the homepage, or on their fair play and security section, the use of a random number generator technology like the MD5 RNG. Look for these icons and/or information in order to make sure your personal data and money transactions are in good hands.

As a complementary alternative, a site providing personal electronic payment methods (s, Paypal, etc) will be safer to trust your money to than one that does not offer these kinds of payment options. The logic behind this statement is that all of your personal and financial data will be trusted to only one entity that specializes and has built its reputation in safeguarding electronic financial transactions via the most secure and technologically advanced methods. This is especially important when playing in more than one online casino.

Reputable Casino Names

Another way to guarantee safeness in the online casino scene is to play only on the sites of those reliable brands whose good name and reputation have been built upon their dependable services and their commitment to secure gaming. If you are unfamiliar with the field, a good advice to follow is to check on the sites of the e-gambling regulating bodies listed above and choose a few names. Once you have chosen a few brands, visit their sites having in mind what you have read in this article. You can also search the Internet for online casino brands. Any way you decide to go and before becoming member of a given brand, make sure you navigate the whole site and are fully aware of the level of commitment of that gaming brand to fair play, privacy, security and responsible gaming.

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