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solo debit card Payment Option

solo debit card is known to be used in the UK by those who wish to control their finances better, but is also accepted in several respected online casinos as a payment method.


solo debit card is an all electronic UK crebit card. The card is very suitable for young people because every transaction made is authorized. This gives financial control as the card holder only can spend that which is in his account. The card was launched in July, 1997, by the Switch Card Scheme. It is mostly offered to teenagers and people with a bad banking history in the UK.

Benefits of solo debit card as a Payment Method

This card is well suited for users in the UK and especially for online purchases. It is connected to the Cirrus and Maestro systems which makes purchase outside of the UK possible, albeit not in many stores. The systems makes it possible to withdraw money, for a charge, from ATM machines world wide. So if they wont accept it in the shop it shouldn't be so tricky to find an ATM machine nearby. The card is widely accepted online and by h. The great advantage of this card is that it allows for control of purchases. The authorization that takes place each time a purchase is being process is instant and ensures that only that which is actually in the account can be spent. This is recommended for younger new users of h as well as for users that have problems when it comes to sensible spending. Solo Debit can be considered a safe card as it operates, like all other card providers, by the CHIP and PIN scheme. Another good feature of this card is that many bills can be paid using Solo over the phone.


With over 5.3 million cards in circulation this is one of the most popular cards in the UK for Online Gambling, services and goods. Having said that, it is understandable that the Solo card works well online on gambling sites aimed at the European market. Deposits can be made wherever the Maestro or Cirrus system are active. The card can't be used by US customers. Many of the a licensed in Gibraltar and Canada accept this card. The card holder should be aware of fees if he uses the card for currencies other then the pound. When it comes to gambling online the British pound is widely accepted and this doesn't present a problem.


This is the card for the young and/or cautious card holder. With its maximum security it is well fitted for online gambling as it has the security systems of PIN and CHIP and the power of authorized withdrawals. It is a UK card which limits its use to those residing on that side of the Atlantic. Still the card can be used world wide in ATM machines so for the British customer this card is well worth a try. All though the card is excellent it carries a bit of a stigma in the UK as it is known to be given to those with bad money habits. The common debit card user that has passed his teens is more likely to use the Switch Card.

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Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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