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SugarHouse Files Case Against Philadelphia

On October 28th, 2007, the operators of the planned SugarHouse casino facility in Pennsylvania has petitioned the Supreme Court to command the Philadelphia officials to immediately give out the permit to SugarHouse so that they can start building their $600 million casino facility.

The lawsuit filed by SugarHouse states that the City Council has intentionally blocked the bills that would help the cause of SugarHouse and has cause problems for the construction of the other casino facilities in Philadelphia.

Frank DiCicco, a councilman in Philadelphia City, and in whose district the SugarHouse casino facility is to be constructed commented that he has serious doubts about the whole thing because of the possible effects of the casino on the lives of the residents, particularly those people that can be easily affected and turn into chronic gamers by the casino.

The state Transportation Department is currently planning to complete the modification of the interchange near the interstate 95 in 9 years that DiCicco personally believes is not enough even without the increase in people and vehicular traffic. DiCicco commented that is just one of the reasons why they do not want to rush. They want the issue to be discussed first before they make any kind of move.

Gov. Ed Rendell said that he fully understands the casino's sentiments. Philadelphia is already earning substantially from the slots profits. SugarHouse casino received the green light in December from gaming regulators to construct the slots casino. But they have yet to receive state approval for the riparian rights. Some residents on the vicinity of the casino do not approve of the slots casino facility.


06 November 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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