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Sumner County to Approve Casino Proposal

The Sumner County Commission will finally push at least a single proposal for a casino facility within Sumner County's border by October 31st, 2007. The Sumner commission recently released a timeline for their plan on approving gaming proposals.

Casino proposals from interested groups must be pass to the county commission before October 24th, 2007 and the casino commission will decide to endorse a single or more casino plans by October 31st, 2007. The Sumner County commission has scheduled two meetings on October 29th, 2007 and October 30th, 2007, during which interested casino developers can make their case and the residents can give their views on the plan.

Just this year, the legislature opened the county for anyone interested on building a casino. The legislature give permission to a bill that allows for a single casino to be constructed in each of the four areas in Kansas.

The voters in Sedgwick County rejected a casino referendum in August that would have permitted them to stand in the same ground as Sumner County in the south central gambling area. Since that referendum, some casino developers are scouting possible sites in Sumner County. A state committee will then decide which casino proposal is advantageous but the Sumner County Commission must first approve of it.


04 November 2007
News Submitted by:
Jessica Kellerman

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