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Low Taxes and Huge Incomes Enable Gibraltar to Offer High Stakes to Employees

The competition between online gambling firms to hire the best employees on Gibraltar is proving to be the best game.

Gibraltar is the online gambling hub and firms are doing their best to attract employees to work for them. Since 1989, the surge of online and offshore gambling has been on the rise. Most of the gambling firms located in Gibraltar are listed on the stock market in London and as a whole they employ 1,800 employees.

PartyGaming has instructed its staff to begin recruiting their smart eligible friends to work for them, offering 1,500 UK Pounds to anyone who succeeds in attracting such people to work for PartyGaming.

According to Freddie Ballester of the Betting and Gaming Association, Gibraltar may be small geographically, but when it comes to online gaming, it is the most important place in the online gaming industry.

Gibraltar taxes levied upon the gaming industry may be the lowest in the world. Online casinos and sports betting sites are required to pay a max of 425,000 UK Pounds or $800,000 annually. PartyGaming made a profit of 308 million UK Pounds while the rival firm made 32.2 million UK Pounds.

With less taxes and huge incomes, Gibraltar casino firms offer large salary packages to their employees.

The government stated that 75% of casino workers are from other places.


28 January 2007
News Submitted by:
Jack Silverman

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