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Most online commercial websites offer goods for sale via payment by international o. Holders punch their card details into online forms and the goods are sent to them by return. Initially, fear of fraud deterred many people from trusting their private information to such open exposure.

In spite of improvements in security, many people still do not feel comfortable using credit cards to pay for their goods procured over the Internet. Many millions of people also do not possess credit cards, including the teenage youth sector, creating a clear gap in the market. In order to fill this vacuum, one recent player to the online payment marketplace is a British company called ukash that has created a method of Internet payment using tokens purchased from high street stores.

Benefits of ukash

One of the primary benefits of using ukash is that buyers can retain their anonymity when playing at online gambling casinos. Customers paying by credit card must pass through rigorous validation procedures. Not only is this tedious, but buyers prefer to keep this information to themselves.

The process of buying ukash units is simple, with vouchers available from hundreds of high street stores. Each voucher has a maximum value limit of 500 pounds sterling, or 750 euros, but buyers can only purchase a maximum of five vouchers at the one time. However, this should be plenty to meet most buyers’ needs. Vouchers amounts can be amalgamated, and change is given if the purchased items cost less than the voucher amounts.

ukash is so simple to use that it’s clear the originators had the youth market in mind when they developed the system. No age restrictions are placed on voucher buyers, and the only personal information that must be submitted is one’s email address or home address for the delivery of goods should they be sent by post.

Currencies Accepted

To date, ukash is in operation in four European countries – UK, Ireland, Spain and Germany, although wider coverage extending to most European countries is planned by the end of 2007. At present the system is only available in British pounds sterling and euros. The ukash company has also entered into collaboration with Middle Eastern and African countries, and so clearly the company has designs to extend its currency exposure far and wide. At present there is no coverage for US dollars, although it is only a matter of time before the ukash system is introduced into North America.


Having started out as company with plans to offer British Internet customers the flexibility and security required to purchase goods and services online, ukash has now developed into an internationally respected online payment system. Its appeal to Internet shoppers is increasing exponentially, particularly among the teen youth market that is normally too young to be able to purchase credit cards. The company’s meteoric rise since its inception in 2001, suggests that further growth is inevitable and it is clear that ukash will set the standard for online payment technology for the foreseeable future.

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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