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usemybank Payment Option

usemybank is, as hinted to in the name, an additional service to an already existing online banking account. It makes the depositing procedure at online casinos much easier and faster.

usemybank is tied to banks in China, Canada and the UK. This is a secure method of transferring money as usemybank is using the best technologies available to protect private information. They also take steps of precaution within their own ranks so that even their own employees can't access sensitive personal details. Transactions are fast and without restrictions as to where they are going.

Benefits of usemybank

usemybank offers free payments and total control of them through your already existing online bank account. They don't store personal information and promise only to provide the seller with an email address for verification. All of this can be acquired without a complicated sign up procedure or agreeing to anything hidden. Through an online banking account the user will authorize debit transactions to be made at the online casino and the payment will be verified in real time. The payment is also recorded in a payment history tracker. One huge benefit for the online player is of course the avoiding of getting a no to a transaction as sometimes happens with n when they don't approve of what they deem to be risky or illegal purchases. usemybank leaves it open to the consumer how to spend his money without such restrictions and this is very suitable for all of the Gambling industry.


The service of usemybank is available to customers in Canada, China and the UK. China has the greatest selection of banks supported by usemybank for payments but the service is mainly considered Canadian. This payment method is a secure one as all transactions are guarded by SSL 128-Bit encryption. usemybank are also carries a Security Certificate by ipsCA, a leading international IPS Certification Authority, S.L. For deposits of the British pound , Canadian dollars and the Chinese RMB this might very well be one of the most suitable options available at the moment. Many superb h support this payment method.


The services of usemybank are very convenient for the online gambler as there is no need to set up a new banking account online. With an already working bank account the player can simply add this cost free service in a very swift manner. All that is necessary to use it is a telephone number and email for verification. The user can trust the security of transactions and his private details are kept with his already existing bank. usemybank is still to upgrade so that the MAC user can enjoy the same support as the owner of a PC and they promise that they are working on this. This system allows for a fast and secure way of managing bills that is worthwhile for the serious player to check out. Currently this only applies to Canadian, British and Chinese customers but there is good ground for this service to expand to other countries as well.

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