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WagerWorks Online Casino Software Platform

Looking for a respectable casino software provider is becoming easier and easier thanks to the high standards that the remote gaming industry is developing and enforcing upon o providers and operators worldwide. Among the most respectable online casino software providers, WagerWorks makes the “top ten” list.

Background and History

A subsidiary company of International Game Technology (IGT) since 2005, WagerWorks was originally an operating subsidiary of Silicon Gaming, the pioneering and ground breaking land-based manufacturer. From all of the online casino software providers out there (good and bad), WagerWorks is the only one with a significant past in ground-based casino venues thanks to its beginnings as a Silicon Gaming subsidiary. WagerWorks’ suitable past, opened the way for credibility and experienced knowledge once the company decided to take land-based content to cyberspace gaining it immediate acceptance in the remote gaming industry. Combine with its historical roots, the additional prestige and resources gained from its inclusion to IGT has made out of WagerWorks one of the titan online casino software providers.

As part of the extensive portfolio of remote gaming solutions offered by WagerWorks, are multi-line, multi-coin slot machines, fixed odds propositions, traditional table games, and a multi-player poker network all with powerful game content propositions sometimes featuring popular branded themes as Baywatch™, The Price Is Right™ and Wheel of Fortune®. Most importantly, all of WagerWorks gambling games are backed up by the best registration, verification, deposit/withdrawal baking system management tools and proprietary and industry-based regulations. The greatest contribution to the remote gaming industry made by WagerWorks is the extraordinary leverage it offers to the online casino operators through its software features. Thanks to the flexibility of WagerWorks software, online casino operators are enabled to entirely control their business through a comprehensive back-end system, or to handle the responsibility down to WagerWorks and concentrate only on marketing their brand and attracting traffic.

Regardless of its trustworthy image, the ranking of WagerWorks seems to be somewhat elusive among connoisseurs being placed by some at the top of the list and by some others just about the middle. In any case, everyone seems to agree that WagerWorks does supply fully managed, flexible, regulatory compliant (certified by the UK and the Aldernay jurisdictions) online casino software and solutions.

WagerWorks Flash Software

With no exception, all WagerWorks games are implemented in Flash. This is in part because the prestigious company bases its sales on Internet, mobile and iDTV systems, but it is also because it is as well an excellent way to offer its clients’ users a more accessible, direct remote gaming accessibility option.

A great Flash based casino software is something any online casino player dreams of, and with WagerWorks’ Flash casino offering that dream is well fulfilled with an overall top of the line casino program. Some of the WagerWorks Flash casino features are:

  • Game history
  • Extensive line of casino games, some of them unique to WagerWorks
  • Secure technologies related to data transfer and transactions
  • Immediate access to cashiers
  • Excellent graphics and design
  • Powerful Alliances (Sony Pictures, CyberSource, Quova, etc) that guarantee excellence in terms of technology, security, and reliability

Article Submitted by:
Tera Lee, Gaming and Casino Journalist.

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